Pack Pride Shout Outs


The following students are being recognized as the Leaders of the Pack.

Ariah Masri(Leader of the PACK)-
 “Wonderful advocate for themself, and their learning. They consistently turn in quality work, communicate effectively and actively participate in class sessions despite having a job, internet and computer issues, etc.”
Vanessa Edwards-
 “Vanessa has reached out with kind emails and has been working really hard in her classes. “
Braysia Smith
– “Worked so well with others, modeling active participation, supporting positive interactions in our google meets. Polite greetings and inquiries to others in the group every time we start class.”

The following students are being recognized as students who were able to show their Pack Pride last Hexter!

Student NameGPA
Aviles Ruano, Chelsey A.4
Edwards, Vanessa J.4
Hoffard, Lyric L.4
Liggins-Crawford, Taylo?4
Polk, Myah E.4
Pool Flores, Alexya4
Skorokyrzha, Beatris4
Harris-Norris, Grace E.3.8
Khliu, AngeLiyah S.3.8
Nguyen, Theodora H.3.8
Cole, Lela V.3.6
Mejia Jimenez, Alexa I.3.6
Dallavis, Piper E.3.5
Pelayo Rodriguez, Saul3.5
Jackson, Koda N.3.455
Perez-Gonzalez, Fernanda C.3.4
Gebrehiwot, Blen F.3.25
Moody, Desanique B.3.25
Pham, Phoebe N.3.2
Smith, Braysia3.2
Zinn, Kaydenz M.3.2
L Huizar, Emily3
Mazzi, Geovana N.3
Student Name20-21
Edwards, Vanessa J.100.00%
Flury, Jonah B.100.00%
Harris-Norris, Grace E.100.00%
Khliu, AngeLiyah S.100.00%
L Huizar, Emily100.00%
Masri, Ariah100.00%
Moyer, Alexa H.100.00%
Nguyen, Theodora H.100.00%
Perez-Gonzalez, Fernanda C.100.00%
Pool Flores, Alexya100.00%
Schoettmer, Are’eanna M.100.00%
Sherpa, Tenzing100.00%
Skorokyrzha, Beatris100.00%
Smith, Braysia100.00%
Swanson, Ryan C.100.00%
Zinn, Kaydenz M.100.00%
Aviles Ruano, Chelsey A.98.48%
Falk-White, Forrest E.98.48%
Goetsch-Snell, Clarissa98.48%
Kilminster, Hanna L.98.48%
Moore-Gonsalves, Ava S.98.48%
Pham, Phoebe N.98.48%
Polk, Myah E.98.48%
Miller, Mychael A.98.44%
Hoffard, Lyric L.98.00%
Gebrehiwot, Blen F.96.97%
Hernandez, Raymundo A.96.97%
Holmes, Aedan D.96.97%
Lemus, Dylan96.97%
Liggins-Crawford, Taylon96.97%
Moreno, Sofia L.96.97%
Cole, Lela V.96.00%
Escobedo Mendoza, Eliseo95.45%
Hernandez, Roberto I.95.45%
Jackson, Koda N.95.45%
Stickler, Phoenix95.45%
Osmondson, Selena M.93.94%
Brazell-Smith, Payton B.93.18%
Filer, Kaileigh M.92.42%
Grosmick, Ryan L.92.42%
Moody, Desanique B.92.42%
Perez, Victor A.92.42%
Schaffner, Sophia92.42%
Garcia Cano, Raul M.90.91%
Ali, Noor89.39%
Johnson, Sebastian R.89.39%
Pelayo Rodriguez, Saul89.39%
Pfeffer, Maybelle E.89.39%
Belton, Alexis J.87.88%
Chavez, Jasmin87.88%
Dallavis, Piper E.86.36%
Colon, Brianna84.85%
Chhoeun, Vinny83.33%
Crittenden, Latrell L.81.82%
Chavez, Kathy80.30%
Mazzi, Geovana N.80.30%
Spigner-Hamilton, Trevion80.30%
TRIFECTA (Passing all classes 90% attendance, 0 Referrals)
Edwards, Vanessa J.
Pool Flores, Alexya
Skorokyrzha, Beatris
Harris-Norris, Grace E.
Khliu, AngeLiyah S.
Nguyen, Theodora H.
Perez-Gonzalez, Fernanda C.
Smith, Braysia
Zinn, Kaydenz M.
L Huizar, Emily
Masri, Ariah
Schoettmer, Are’eanna M.
Swanson, Ryan C.
Flury, Jonah B.
Moyer, Alexa H.
Aviles Ruano, Chelsey A.
Polk, Myah E.
Pham, Phoebe N.
Moore-Gonsalves, Ava S.
Kilminster, Hanna L.
Falk-White, Forrest E.
Hoffard, Lyric L.
Liggins-Crawford, Taylon
Gebrehiwot, Blen F.
Moreno, Sofia L.
Cole, Lela V.
Jackson, Koda N.
Stickler, Phoenix
Brazell-Smith, Payton B.
Perez, Victor A.