The 6 P’s

This year, we’ve been working on school-wide, class-wide, and personal goals that involve the six P’s:  Produce, Prompt, Polite, Positive Mental Health, Prepared, and Participate. To help remind us all to mind our Ps the leadership class created a set of posters to hang around the school. Thank you for helping us…

Art Walk

Our art teacher, Michelle Colbert, partnered with Floyd Light English teacher Jeanne Drake on a fascinating project. Jeanne’s Advanced English students wrote poetry about their life as thirteen and fourteen year-olds, and our art classes illustrated the poems in turn! Colbert has displayed the poems and accompanying water color art in the…

Tinker Tuesdays

Tinker Tuesdays

This year some of our staff have started a tradition dubbed Tinker Tuesdays, a designated day for them to work on something creative as a way to de-stress. It’s been so beneficial that English teacher Bobi Blue has brought Tinker Tuesdays into her classroom! Take a look at some of the fun…

Art Showcase

Heart Full of Art!

Last week we held the Fir Ridge Showcase! From singing to poetry to sound effect performances, students and staff showed off an impressive array of talents. Also last week, Michelle Colbert–art teacher extraordinaire–and her students played “Roll a Haring,” a game based on the work of street/pop artist Keith Haring. They then turned the results…

Art Class


Our art class is always working on fun, innovative projects. This time we have a rain works installation right outside school and students working on 3D printing projects at Impact NW’s maker space!  

Volleyball Team

Fir Ridge Happenings

Hello! Here’s a look into what’s been happening at Fir Ridge these past few weeks, including some of our recent basketball games and the 100% Attendance Club field trip to Bullwinkle’s!   One of our students after completing his senior speech! Art teacher Michelle Colbert hanging portraits from her art classes’ micro-aggression…


A Peek into Fir Ridge

The weather may have shut us down temporarily, but learning has continued full steam ahead here at Fir Ridge. Take a look at some of what our students have been doing in their classes this past week!