Fir Ridge Showcase

Tomorrow Fir Ridge is holding it’s third annual Fir Ridge Showcase! We’ll have a student art gallery, a poetry slam, a talent show and more! The Showcase will be at Fir Ridge Campus on Thursday, April 5th from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. Refreshments provided!

The 6 P’s

This year, we’ve been working on school-wide, class-wide, and personal goals that involve the six P’s:  Produce, Prompt, Polite, Positive Mental Health, Prepared, and Participate. To help remind us all to mind our Ps the leadership class created a set of posters to hang around the school. Thank you for helping us…

Art Walk

Our art teacher, Michelle Colbert, partnered with Floyd Light English teacher Jeanne Drake on a fascinating project. Jeanne’s Advanced English students wrote poetry about their life as thirteen and fourteen year-olds, and our art classes illustrated the poems in turn! Colbert has displayed the poems and accompanying water color art in the…

Basketball Season!

The Fir Ridge Wolves are back for another season of basketball! Check out the game schedule below if you want to come out and cheer for the Wolves! Game Schedule Tuesday, January 16th at 4:00pm, Fir Ridge vs. Reynolds Learning Academy Tuesday, January 23rd at 5:00pm, Fir Ridge vs. New Urban High…

Tinker Tuesdays

Tinker Tuesdays

This year some of our staff have started a tradition dubbed Tinker Tuesdays, a designated day for them to work on something creative as a way to de-stress. It’s been so beneficial that English teacher Bobi Blue has brought Tinker Tuesdays into her classroom! Take a look at some of the fun…

Counselor's Facebook

Counselors’ Facebook Page!

Our counselors are now on Facebook! Like their page to get news from our counseling department, including updates about mental health resources and services available to you.

Ready to Shake

The 2017 Great Oregon Shakeout

Dear parents and guardians: The safety of your students while in our care is among our highest priorities. As you know, we regularly hold drills so that we are more prepared should a dangerous situation occur at school. These include fire drills, lockout/lock-in drills and earthquake drills. This year, the David Douglas…