The 2017 Great Oregon Shakeout

Parents Ready to Shake

Dear parents and guardians:

The safety of your students while in our care is among our highest priorities. As you know, we regularly hold drills so that we are more prepared should a dangerous situation occur at school. These include fire drills, lockout/lock-in drills and earthquake drills.

This year, the David Douglas School District registered to take part in the Great Oregon Shakeout, a statewide earthquake preparedness exercise. The official statewide event is scheduled for October 19th, though participants are not required to hold their drills on that date.

Our District has committed to every school in David Douglas holding an earthquake drill sometime before the end of the calendar year. This drill teaches students and staff to practice the ‘drop-cover-hold on’ strategy when an earthquake hits. In the drill, students and staff will drop to the ground, take cover under a sturdy structure such as a desk or table, and hold on to that structure.

Fir Ridge Campus will be participating in the Great Oregon Shakeout on October 19th, during the official statewide event.