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Our School

A Goodbye Letter from Ms. O’Renick and Ms. Taye

Who We Are 

Fir Ridge Campus is an alternative school. Alternative doesn’t mean less or easierit means smaller and more supportive.

Fir Ridge isn’t a place where “bad” kids go. Our students are bright, capable leaders-in-training; they just happen to thrive in a smaller setting, or may need extra support to make up credits for various reasons.

Fir Ridge is a campus of David Douglas High School. When Fir Ridge students graduate, their level of learning and skill should be as high as that of all DDHS students, and they should be fully prepared for success in college and career.

What We Believe About Our Students:

  • You can be a highly successful person: in your academics, career, and relationships. 
  •  Grit (hard work and sustained effort despite challenges) is more important than “talent” or “intelligence” in meeting your goals. 
  • You are what you do today and tomorrow, not what you did yesterday.

What We Expect of Our Students:

  • High quality academic work.
  • 90% attendance or higher. 
  • Professional behaviors.
  • Growth mindset: your current skills and abilities are a starting point, not an end point. We value progress and perseverance over perfection. 

Academic Supports We Offer:

  • Small classes! (Our classes cap at 20 students.)
  • After-school tutoring, Monday-Thursday. 
  • Opportunities for additional credit (SUN School, sports, credit recovery, volunteering, work experience).
  • College & career guidance.

Personal Supports We Offer:

  • Individual counseling.
  • Career and personal goal-setting. 
  • Boys’ group.
  • Girls’ group. 
  • Grief & loss support.
  • Anger management skills.
  • Drug & alcohol counseling.
  • Thrive leadership.  
  • Teen parenting support.

Dear Fir Ridge Community,

Fir Ridge is a small school with big results! It is a place where students want to be, and where teachers love to teach. It is a place I hear referred to as a “family” as often as I hear it called a “school.” It is a place where students – no matter their learning and personal needs –find the support, individualized instruction, and community resources they need to be successful. Our team of teachers, counselors, support staff, and administrators are here for you and your student – 100%. We believe that teaching is a team effort between student, school, and community. You are your child’s first teacher; we want to learn from your knowledge and experiences so we can better help your student find success in academics –and adult life.

For me –both as a long-time teacher and principal –students come first. Period. I am here for your student, and want to know what I can do to make their experience at Fir Ridge the best that it can possibly be. If you ever have questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at 503-256-6530.

Joy O’Renick


¡Fir Ridge es una escuela pequeña con resultados grandes! Es un lugar en donde los estudiantes quieren estar, y en donde los maestros aman enseñar. Es un lugar del cual escucho ser referido como una “familia” tan frecuente como escucho que le llamen una “escuela.” Es un lugar en donde estudiantes – no importa  sus necesidades de aprendizaje y necesidades personales –encuentran el apoyo, instrucción individualizada, y recursos de la comunidad que necesitan para ser exitosos. Nuestro equipo de maestros, consejeros, miembros de personal de apoyo, y administradores están aquí para usted y para su estudiante – 100%. Creemos que la enseñanza es un esfuerzo de equipo entre estudiante, escuela, y comunidad. Como el primer maestro de su hijo/a, queremos aprender de su conocimiento y de sus experiencias para que nosotros podamos mejor ayudar a que su estudiante logre el éxito en la parte académica –y en su vida de adulto.

Para mí – ambos como un maestro de mucho tiempo y director –los estudiantes están primero. Punto. Estoy aquí para su estudiante, y quiero saber que es lo que puedo hacer para hacer que la experiencia de su estudiante en Fir Ridge sea la mejor que pueda ser posible. Si usted llega a tener preguntas o necesita información adicional, por favor de no dudar en contactarme al 503-256-6530 o a joy_o’renick@ddouglas.k12.or.us.

Amablemente, Joy O’Renick

Office Contacts

11215 SE Market St

Portland, Oregon 97216

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Fax: 503-261-8433


Joy O’Renick

Assistant Principal
La’Shawanta Spears

Head Secretary
Stephanie Serrano

Records Secretary
Lynn Field

School Counselors
Katie Amos

Sonya Barker