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Our School

Dear Fir Ridge Families, Friends, and Community,

Wow! What a busy Fall with some really great things happening at Fir Ridge. I am honored to be serving as the Principal and representing a community that is built on respect, dedication, honesty, and pride. We have the best staff, community and most importantly, the best students!

When I joined this school, one of the first comments made to me was that Fir Ridge is about relationships. Our staff not only knows our student’s names, but more importantly, knows them at a personal level.  That is what makes Fir Ridge unique. As a small school, we have the opportunity to give extra attention and support tailored to meet students’ needs. That will continue under the new leadership at Fir Ridge.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to the community of Fir Ridge. Just as we know and welcome our students, we would like to know and welcome our community. If you have any questions, or concerns or would like to learn more about Fir Ridge, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Our staff is excited to share the successes of our students.

Amy Straw, Principal

Who We Are 

Fir Ridge Campus is an alternative school. Alternative doesn’t mean less or easierit means smaller and more supportive.

Fir Ridge isn’t a place where “bad” kids go. Our students are bright, capable leaders-in-training; they just happen to thrive in a smaller setting, or may need extra support to make up credits for various reasons.

Fir Ridge is a campus of David Douglas High School. When Fir Ridge students graduate, their level of learning and skill should be as high as that of all DDHS students, and they should be fully prepared for success in college and career.

What We Believe About Our Students:

  • You can be a highly successful person: in your academics, career, and relationships
  •  Grit (hard work and sustained effort despite challenges) is more important than “talent” or “intelligence” in meeting your goals
  • You are what you do today and tomorrow, not what you did yesterday

What We Expect of Our Students:

  • High quality academic work
  • 90% attendance or higher
  • Professional behaviors
  • Growth mindset: your current skills and abilities are a starting point, not an end point. We value progress and perseverance over perfection.

Academic Supports We Offer:

  • Small classes! (Our classes cap at 20 students.)
  • After-school tutoring, Monday-Thursday
  • Opportunities for additional credit (SUN School, sports, credit recovery, volunteering, work experience)
  • College & career guidance

Personal Supports We Offer:

  • Individual counseling
  • Career and personal goal-setting
  • Boys’ group
  • Girls’ group
  • Grief & loss support
  • Anger management skills
  • Drug & alcohol counseling
  • Thrive leadership
  • Teen parenting support

Office Contacts

11215 SE Market St

Portland, Oregon 97216

Google Map Directions

Fax: 503-261-8433


Amy Straw

Assistant Principal
Les Womack

Head Secretary
Stephanie Serrano

Records Secretary
Lynn Field

Katie Amos
Sonya Barker

School Calendar


    23 Jan

    Basketball Game

    5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
    Reynolds Middle School, 1200 NE 201st Ave, Fairview, OR 97024, USA



    30 Jan

    Basketball Game

    5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
    Reynolds Middle School, 1200 NE 201st Ave, Fairview, OR 97024, USA



    01 Feb

    Quarter 2 Ends



    02 Feb

    No School


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District Events


    25 Jan

    David Douglas High School early release; Community Transition Program no school



    26 Jan

    Grades K-12 (except FRC) and Community Transition Program no school



    02 Feb

    Grades K-5 and Fir Ridge Campus: No School



    08 Feb

    Board Meeting

    7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    Board Room at DDHS South Building (1500 SE 130th)


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