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Greetings Seniors and families of Seniors,

I know that many of you have been wondering what graduation will look like for you this year, given the restrictions we are under due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. I want you to know that it has been challenging to decide what to do because, in my heart, I wanted things to be normal. I want to celebrate this monumental achievement right along with you. But, as you know, this year, we will not be able to have this scenario play out. We have an alternative option, and a way to celebrate your graduation.

This year we will be graduating “virtually”. Utilizing a program put together through Jostens, the same company that we buy our caps, gowns, and other graduation supplies from. Basically, it’s a stream of graduation. There still would be the typical speeches (pre-recorded, of course), awards, and presentation of all the graduates (We need photos of you). Each of you would have your page on which you would post your picture and an area to list other accomplishments you would like to share with others. We know this does not make up for having a live graduation ceremony, but it’s something that honors you all and the hard work you put in.

We will also be having a Bell Ringing Ceremony at the building on May 11th and 14th. It will be outside, and there will be designated times scheduled by your last name so you can officially ring the bell. You will also pick up your cords, awards and take a photo (if you do not have one for the graduation page in the Virtual Graduation). FRC staff will be there to cheer you on. Please take the time to say goodbye to us.

In the next couple of days or so, you will be receiving more information regarding what you need to do and when you need to do it. Please pay close attention to your email and various social media venues for updates and to do’s.

Amy Straw

Virtual Showcase

Every year Fir Ridge hosts a showcase that highlights the multi-talented students in our building. This year we, very obviously, had to cancel it. However, as Romero Britto says, art is too important not to share. So, without further ado, here is the first ever Fir Ridge Virtual Showcase. We hope that you enjoy! 

Wellness Ideas

The FRC staff put together a video for you! Check out their wellness ideas.

Collage of 4 staff members in the video

Student and Family Resources

Visit the Fir Ridge Campus Counseling webpage for support and resources during the closure.

Visit the David Douglas School District website for the latest closure news


Senior Information

Why should I read this message?

You should read this message if you are a senior! We want to talk about creating a plan to graduate high school via distance learning.

Since there is no school, does this mean I can graduate right now?
Great question, each senior is on a different track and we do not know if you are/will officially graduate this year. Your counselors are looking at all the grades in synergy as of March 13, reviewing transcripts and each senior’s graduation plans that they created with you earlier this year.

I already planned on attending a 5th year of highschool, but with the changes, can I now graduate on time?

Also, another valid question! However, if you were projected to be attending FRC for a 5th year, you will most likely still be on that same path.

But why? I heard it was easier to graduate this year?

We can only offer a certain amount of classes (ones that were already projected on the master schedule). Unfortunately, that means if you have multiple credits in a particular area, you will have to continue on your initial graduation plan as a 5th year senior.

What do I do now?

Until you hear from your counselor just take care of yourself. They will figure out a plan and connect with you soon. We are hoping to get this completed in the next few weeks, but technically we have until the end of the month. It should not take this long, but at the same time each plan takes time to create so we are asking for your help by being patient.

Office Contacts


11215 SE Market St
Portland, Oregon 97216

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Fax: 503-261-8433


Amy Straw

Assistant Principal
Les Womack

Head Secretary
Stephanie Serrano

Records Secretary
Lynn Field

Katie Amos & Sonya Barker

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